Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorite - My Fitness Pal

This is a new thing for me.  Like about 2 weeks new.  I have decided to really start keeping track of what I'm eating.  I have my workouts down & have been tracking them as well (easier of course doing the P90X program right now) but I also wanted to see how many calories I was taking in per day.  The days I do an intense workout I am RAVENOUS.  I also noticed I'm a big snacker in the 2-4pm time slot.  Now that I'm tracking what I'm eating I found I was really eating WAY too much!  Knowing I am going to stay honest with myself keeps me from grazing.   I have also found my love again for my hot air popper.  Love my popcorn!!  I don't put butter on it.  I spray it lightly with oo spray & sprinkle some salt on it.  Salty & crunchy & NOT alot of calories. is my Friday Fave --  My Fitness Pal's website.  There I can log in my food & workouts.  I can choose to go on and meet new people & I can even keep a blog there.  I haven't done those last 2 yet.  Just kind of stalking different things right now.  Getting more comfortable with things.  There is also Spark People too.  I am also part of Spark People but after using My Fitness Pal I prefer this one.  Not as chaotic for me & I think I don't have so much trouble finding the different foods I need to enter in. 

I recommend you go & start logging things in.  You would be surprised about some of those hidden calories you don't even realize you are taking in.  Give it a try & come back & let me know what you think!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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