Monday, October 8, 2012

P90X update - Phase 1 DONE

Yep, Phase 1 is done.    4 weeks.  I measured again this morning & I am seeing some progress for sure.  I have lost 2lbs & 3"s.  That makes me happy.  Was I hoping for more? Yes, of course.  I am very happy though.  Numbers (scale & inches) really mess with my mind.  Once I knew that & could make myself STOP measuring that way it was helpful.  The only reason I'm doing it now is so I can see for myself this is really doing something.  Ok, and it's addictive :)  I don't have alot of weight that I need to lose but I do want to get down to the next number on the scale :)  I will stop weighing again when I'm done with this program. 

I like Phase 2.  Today was Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.  Any time I can work my triceps I'm happy.  I hate when they wave goodbye with me :)   I believe Back & Biceps is this week too.  Yay!

Have you tried P90X or any of the Beachbody workouts?  Which is your favorite?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. My favorite was always Chest Shoulders and Triceps!! But Back and Biceps was a close second. :) I have done quite a few programs! Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, P90X, Les Mills Pump and ChaLEAN Extreme. I just pre-ordered Les Mills Combat! Woo! LOVE BEACHBODY!!

  2. Hey Sarah! I can't wait to get ChaLEAN EXtremem! That will be my next one for sure! Thanks for stopping by!!


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