Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baseball tourney = mini vacation for me!

Wow, what a week we had! We knew we were going to be in Jupiter/West Palm Beach, Fl for atleast 7 days but could be 10. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching my son play ball. He is amazing to watch & he is completely in his element while on the field. I just thought being away for that long in a hotel would really break me AND the bank. I finally realized before the trip I need to see this as a vacation for me and the kids as my DH worked around the games. (He is blessed to have a job he can do that with). We stayed at a GREAT hotel - Hawthorne Suites We had 2 nice sized beds, a very large bathroom & a living room area completely with a little kitchen, full size fridge & 2 burners.

Now, there were 5 of us in this room most times and honestly while it was tight, it was very nice. I didn't mind at all having my family so close. The hotel employees were just wonderful. Having lots of baseball families there they put up with alot. Our boys did have curfews but they are also teenage boys that are quite active. They played a rendition of wiffle ball in our hallway and the parking lot any chance they could. They hooked up a game station (can't remember xbox/playstation who knows but them) on the tv in the sitting area down by the lobby and they hung out down there. They were very well behaved but really the employees there were really good about things.

I did get to visit the fitness room and it was so nice & clean. I made myself run on the treadmill 2 days I was there. The rest of the time I improvised with other things like running the stairs til my legs felt like they would fall off. I took my own hand weights & also did squats when I couldn't get out otherwise.

The boys had games every day we were gone but one. Wednesday I decided we needed to see the beach down there. I love our beach here but honestly when I saw the Jupiter beach I had to stop for a moment to take it all in.
I was truly taken aback by the beauty of the color of the water. The sand was a little coarser than we are used to but it was so beautiful. The water was so clear the boys could put their mask on and go out and see clear down to the sand to look for shells & rocks. We had so much fun.

We spent lots of time at the pool at the hotel too.

How did the boys do? They made it to the semi-finals & the last game was a game between pitchers. The game went 7 innings 0-0. The 8th inning went to a tie-breaker & we lost. The boys played hard in the heat & should be really proud of themselves. I know we are!

We are back to life as usual for a few more days. Just til the next tournament. No more nights away though.

I hope you are having a great summer & can find some time to enjoy your family. I'm learning so much more every day that there are things that just need to take priority. I take so much forgranted.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

(please pay no attention to the date on the pictures. I had to change my batteries & it wiped out my date -- duh)


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