Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Being an Inspiration to Others

We all go through times when we just feel down about things.  The question there is who is around us to help us out if we need it.  I believe surrounding ourselves with positive influences is key.  I have some very strong, prayerful women that help me out during those times.  All I have to do is send a text or email or just look at them sometimes & they know. 

I recently had a friend tell me I was her inspiration.  That just stopped me in my tracks.  I haven't had anyone ever tell me that before.  That I remember.  I think I would remember that.  I look at this friend & see a strong, God follower.  Someone who strives to do the right thing for herself in the midst of a very chaotic life. 

I had a girlfriend have her 1st baby a few months ago.  I had offered before she had the baby that I would love to work with her a bit after she was able to start working out again. Just to help her get a good start on working out.  She used to work out a while back and just kind of fell away from it with a busy life, etc.  (Sound familiar?)  When she got the go ahead I went over & sat with her.  Just giving her some tips that I have learned & I was able to loan her some good beginner workouts.  She told me yesterday that she worked out 6 days last week!  I am so proud of her & she truly inspired me! 

It's so important to have positive people around you.  Preferably ones that you can workout with too.  Not all my friends and family workout.  That's ok.  I have enough of people I'm in touch with that do so I can continue my path & continue to support those that do & those that want to start.

I'm so excited to share my fitness information with others.  Maybe some day I will be certified & more people can benefit from it. 

Who is your biggest positive influence in your life right now? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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