Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Core of the Problem

Or should I say the core IS the problem?

My main workout yesterday was Bob Harper's Ripped Core Workout.  (Tried posting a picture but for some reason blogger isn't working with me)  I LOVE to HATE that one for sure.  Almost everything is done standing or in plank position until you get to the last 10 minutes then we are doing crunches.  The first 20 minutes, I have to admit, is my favorite.  Using weights & doing great moves for my core.  The next 15 minutes or so, NOT my favorite.  Can anyone say - SIDE BURPEES???  and ROLL BACKS???......  Sheesh, I KNOW these are good for my core because I can FEEL they are good for my core.  They are my challenges though for this particular workout.  The way I look at challenges though are those exercises right there may be exactly what this girl needs for defined abs.  With that in mind, I can tackle all the exercises that I may not be lovin'. 

Something else I was thinking about while trying not to curse the side burpees is maybe I have such a hard time with these things because my core needs to be stronger.  Amen to that! 

Working out your arms & legs, doing cardio, those are easy but are you focusing on your core?  That is where we all need to be stronger.  Do you have back problems?  Most likely your core is very weak.  I'm not just talking about abs though.  Glutes, abs -- it's all part of it.

Don't neglect this part of your body! 

Have you gotten your eating back on track from the holidays?  What about your workout?  Keeping up with that??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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