Monday, January 28, 2013

Hot Sweaty MESS!

Yup, me after a nighttime run.  I have been really enjoying my night time runs lately.  I realized they are VERY challenging for me.  I am NOT energetic enough to run at night.  I don't go far (actually I'm on a treadmill) only about 2 miles each time.  It's a nice way to round out my day.  I listen to some good music & lots of times I pray for people through my run. I still get my regular workout done in the morning though. 

I honestly believe that ANY time of day is a good time to work out.  If it's a matter of not working out & working out then I pick working out.  Don't let the lazys take over your brain!  Don't let the excuses take over.  Get up & get moving.  I'm serious.  You really won't regret it! 

What was YOUR workout for the day??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. You look gorgeous, even post-run! I admire your dedication...I walk at night but can never get the energy to run. You inspire me, Pamela! Thank you!

  2. You go girl!!
    Though looks like you did this back in 2004??? ROFL!!!

  3. HAHA!!! My battery in the camera keeps dying & every time I have to replace it I would have to change that. Need to just take the date out!
    So funny. I didn't notice that. I wasn't even RUNNING in 2004.


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