Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm thinking.....

Don't be scared :)

I have been a bit frustrated lately with my eating & fitness.  Kind of in a rut I guess. 

Well, I started thinking about how PERFECTLY it worked out that this 2nd round of P90X is ending the week before our mission trip.  I have also been stressing (a little bit) about what I will be able to eat & will I have reactions to anything, etc while in Guatemala. 

THEN I had this AHA moment.  Maybe this is EXACTLY what I need right now.  Something to get my body out of this comfort/ho-hum rut I have been in.  No, I won't be doing the workouts like I have been used to.  No, I won't have all my go-to foods.  BUT maybe that is exactly what I need!!  I'm thinking walking, working & witnessing is exactly what this body needs right now.

How do you change things up to make a difference??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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  1. Recently I had a very busy day that I did not think I would find time for a workout in. I had some errands to do and ended up at a store before opening hours. Instead of sitting and waiting in my car I got out and walked quickly up the sidewalk of the strip mall and back. It was good long walk. I felt better that I had gotten my body moving some.


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