Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garage Sale!!

So, in trying to fund our mission trip to Guatemala I decided to do a garage sale.  I am ashamed to say I took NO PICTURES!!  Oh my goodness.  Bad blogger!

We did pretty well.  At first my son & I thought we wouldn't have enough for a sale but we had lots of people donate things for us to sell AND we went up to our attic.  We are happy & my husband is even happier having some more space up there!! 

We ended up getting about 1/2 of the expense of our passports.  That set us back pretty good getting 4 passports!  It's nice to know I can do something to help with the $$ part of this trip :)

Well, I am so sorry I didn't get pictures.  We were blessed & were able to bless.  My son was a BEAST at selling & helping people take the things to their cars.  My little girl sold lemonade & brownies like a pro!!  She was getting lots of tips as well.

Thanks for following my ramblings.  We only have a little longer before we leave for Guatemala.  The tickets are bought.  I am getting more nervous as we get closer.  I know this is God led.  I get to experience something a lot of people won't ever get to. 

If you remember to pray for us, we would really love that!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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