Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation Bible School this week

Well, it's summer time & that means Vacation Bible School for a lot of kids.  Our church has a huge VBS.  We do it for 2 weeks & there are 200 kids each week. 

I have been helping in the kitchen the last few years & while it's hard to see what snacks the kids get it also helps because I am able to see what I need to bring for my daughter AND I can make some somewhat subtle suggestions :)

So, this is week of needing to leave my house about 7am and making sure I fit my workout in each day.  Thankfully this happens to be an easy week (not sure there is one with P90X but...).  Yoga, core & stretching.  I think I can handle them.  I MUCH prefer to workout in the morning but with 1-1/2 hour yoga that won't be happening in the morning. 

My challenge this week is to make sure I am working in my workouts.  My history with VBS is I'm knocked out the rest of the day afterward.  You know those kids can really wear you OUT! 

My other challenge I have been working on is getting the sleep I need.  

How many hours do you get of sleep??

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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