Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mission Trip - Guatemala

Well, I mentioned a bit ago, we are going on a family mission trip to Guatemala.  This is the first family mission trip our church has done.

I would like to say everyone in my family is totally ready for this.  They aren't.  My youngest wants to go tomorrow :)  She said she is ready and wonders what is wrong with the rest of us :)

I will be using my blog to posts some updates about Guatemala also.  As we get closer & of course afterward, I will post pictures & other things from the trip.

For right now we are meeting with the other families every Sunday to have some bonding time.  Team discussions & stuff like that.  Trying to get to know everyone better.  The leaders of our group are a wonderful couple who have done mission work before & are very knowledgeable.  I know that helps me feel better about doing this.  I know I can always ask them any question & not feel silly about it!! Seriously.  When you have a family of 5 and have no where to do laundry, what do you do? 

For starters I will post this picture.  This is the Pacaya volcano.  We will have a front row view of this beauty where we will be.   This is an active volcano.  The last activity reported was an eruption that peaked May 27, 2010.  This caused LOTS of ash to rain down on surrounding cities. Our Pastor was there right afterward & got to help clean up the ash around the house of one of the people he was visiting. 

It seems silly but I am VERY excited to see this volcano!!

Have you gone on any mission trips?  What are some of the places you have visited?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

If you are interested in helping us fund our trip you can go to this webpage and click on "The Sadlon Family":

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