Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Post Christmas Ponderings (part 2)

I mentioned in my last post about some family estrangement.

It makes my heart sad when family is estranged from each other.  I remember growing up & having older members of our family not want to be around others in the family.  It never made sense to me.  There were times it made me sad as I got older.  I realize that people who grew up together would choose to not have a relationship really bothered me.

I realize now as an adult how easy that can be. Relationships take work.  Even being 1000 miles away that relationship would take work!  One of my sisters lives in TX and if we don't take the time to call, text or email it would be extremely easy to just move on & lose touch with each other.  We have had times that it's gone too long & realize that needs to be remedied.

I have a confession to make.  Years ago I passed judgement on a relationship someone close to me was in.  It created bad feelings for a few people.  When my husband called me out on that I spoke to the person I was close to & explained my feelings.  He pretty much told me "suck it up, it's my relationship".  That was true.  Not my business really.  I can still love him & his (now) wife.  Problem is now there are hard feelings.  Feelings that someone can't get passed because of my judgement years ago.  I have apologized & have been trying to make amends.  Regardless of how we feel, if we are Christ followers He calls us to do that.  I won't stop doing so.  This estrangement is affecting so many others though in the family & that is so sad.  It is carrying on to the next generation.

Through this last Christmas it was weighing heavy on my heart how not all family could/would be around to celebrate & remember Christmas' past.  To share memories of passed Christmas'/holidays with family is so important especially as we get older & the patriarchs/matriarchs pass away.

I know some times it's hard to 'like' someone even if they are part of our family.  Jesus calls us to LOVE though.  Love our neighbors (Matthew 22:36-40), honor one another above ourselves (Romans 12:10)

So that is what I'm trying to do.  I have done wrong in the past.  I am not perfect (hence the name of my blog).  I have apologized & hope I will be forgiven soon so that we can heal & create lasting relationships for our families.

I am writing all these things because I have realized over the last year that our mental health is SO important to our physical health.  They seriously go hand in hand.   We can't make someone love, like or even stand us BUT we can do what we can to make sure that our part of that relationship is right.

Hope this makes sense.  I do appreciate you reading this.  Funny what the holidays do huh?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!

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