Thursday, January 8, 2015

Post Christmas Ponderings (part 3)

This is my final post about Christmas.  I promise :)

The blessings abounded this past Christmas.  Just over a year ago at Christmas my father was admitted into ICU in Pennsylvania where my parents live.  He went in because he was having trouble breathing (smoker & prone to collapsed lungs & pneumonia).  Within a 1/2 hour my father was unresponsive & on a ventilator.  Us girls (I have 2 sisters) were called & were kept updated constantly.  My older sister went flew up there to evaluate what was happening & seeing what Mom needed.  My younger sister & I have younger children & were not able to get up there as easily.

As the days went on we were informed we needed to get up there.  It didn't look good for Dad.  My sis & I flew up together & stayed for an extended weekend going back & forth between hotel & hospital.  My Dad's 2 brothers drove in.  This was serious & the Dr's were not feeling too positive.  My sis & I were praying over Dad every chance we could get.  I would sing songs to him.  He would respond some times by squeezing my hand and turning his head to me.  Oh - if I didn't mention before, I have always been a Daddy's girl.

So, that was just over a year ago.  Dad pulled through.  He had to have some therapy as being in ICU for 14 days & then in the hospital for longer takes its toll on a body.

My other sister was on Facetime on the phone Dad is holding :)
He wears a shirt that says "Miracle Man".  That is so true.

In the months that followed Dad & Mom decided they wanted to be closer to their girls & grandkids so they came to FL & found a house here.  They will live here during the winter months & up in PA during the summer months.

We were blessed to have them here for Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years.  Celebrating these moments with them was extra special.  Seeing my Dad get around when truly there is no reason he should have made it through all he went through is just mind boggling. 

He still has things he is working on getting stronger with.  Mom & Dad are the only grandparents my kids have right now so having them close by is really sweet.  My middle son(almost 16) has been in boy heaven going over & helping Grandpa with different tasks around their house. 

So that is one of the blessings we had for Christmas.  As I look back on the holidays of 2014 I realize how incredibly blessed I am.  Yes, there were moments that made me sad but all in all God has been so good to me I need to focus on that.

Thanks for reading the ponderings of a slightly emotional (ha!) woman after the holidays.

I hope yours were all you hoped they could be.

My next post will be more health/fitness related :-D

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!

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