Friday, January 9, 2015

2 New Programs!!!!

I have gotten 2 new programs I have yet to tell you about!!!

I did some work for someone around their house & they surprised me by paying me for it.  I then turned around & bought the program PiYo from Beachbody.  I liked everything I had heard & saw about this particular program & thought it would be perfect for me.  Was I RIGHT!!!

I have developed Plantar Fasciitis AGAIN.  This means running, jumping like a crazy woman & sometimes even walking are rough on me.  This time around it's pretty bad.  So, PiYo is right down my alley! 

Chalene Johnson has created a great program that you are stretching & using your own body weight in balance moves etc to help build your strength.  I love how I feel after doing this workout.  There are a couple that leave me in a puddle on the floor too!  Who'da thunk huh? 

Then for Chrtistmas I received the 21 Day Fix.  I was looking forward to something a little different to switch things up.  Because of the PF I haven't been able to do some of the cardio moves but Autumn Calabrese has a modifyer on there that shows exactly what to do if you can't go crazy.  Honestly I can tell you the 10 minute ab workout is truly challenging.  She NEVER STOPS for that 10 minutes!  I wasn't sure if I would be able to pick myself up off the floor when I was done.

With these 2 workouts I found I can double my workouts & feel really strong afterward & not hurt myself doing it.  No pounding on my feet right now is a good thing. 

I'm excited to keep going with them (just finished out a week of 21 Day Fix and the 8th week of PiYo). 

I happen to have my son's wedding coming up in March & I would like to be as fit as possible when that comes!!  Want to look good in those pictures!!!

What goals have you set for yourself in this new year?

Be Blessed & Live Healthy!!!

***  I am not a Beachbody coach or trainer.  These are my opinions only. 

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