Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rain Rain

Tropical Storm Debby is leaving here mark here in Florida.  Fun Fun!  We have been in a drought for I don't know how long & she is just dumping rain on us like nobody's business!  I don't mind the rain really.   If you know Florida you know it doesn't usually rain all day long like this.  We get those afternoon showers/storms then back to sunny days.  No complaining here.

Since my foot injury I have been doing most of my working out inside with my DVD's.  I miss running out there and had to laugh today when I saw a diehard runner.  It was POURING and he was just running right along.  I have to say I did giggle but then I had that little jealous feeling.  Oh to run in the rain.

If you run/walk what do you do on the rainy days?  Do you just not do anything or do you find a way to get your workout in?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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