Monday, June 4, 2012


Wow, that word can mean so many things huh?  I have been considering this since going through my house to prepare for the yard sale we had this weekend.  (I really DO need to get better at taking pictures!!)  My little girl ran her lemonade & brownie stand and possibly made more money then all of us!  I just need to actually get her to bring it to me so I can count it :)  Anyway, I digress.  As I was going through all the stuff we have accumulated over who knows how long I got to thinking - why do we have all this stuff?  A good friend once said "does this stuff bring you joy?".  That is a very good question.  When my middle child struggles with getting rid of things (which he & my youngest do all the time) I sit in their rooms with them & ask them about certain items & if it brings them joy.  I don't believe we are supposed to hold on to things & horde them.  If we have stuff & can pass it on all the better. 

Well, anyway (sheesh guess I have lots to say!) we had a yard sale.  The first day it rained and guess what?  It was our BUSIEST day!! 
R's Baptism
I found myself just giving things away & telling people a dollar for things.  I thought for sure Saturday would be the big day and it wasn't.  Within an hour of closing up the yard sale I had everything in my car & was taking it to the local "Good Will" type place called Our Fathers Closet.  Can I tell you how relieved I was to be done with it?  It made me sad to see some of the stuff go though.  You know, those games your kids have grown out of, etc.  What I need to remember is it isn't the object that brings me joy.  It's the memories that bring me joy.  Watching my 2nd son play Veggie Tales "Don't Sink in the Sink".  A seriously fun game for little ones (and their mom's).  The dress I wore for my nephews baptism.  Doesn't fit me anymore since I lost my weight so why hang on to it?  The memories of that day are so much more precious.  Me being able to sing for him at his church. 

Another way I would like to downsize and for some reason need to work up the courage for this one is my Facebook page.  Honestly?  Facebook is full of so much drama I just find myself scanning through for my favorite people & posts.  At this point I just want to use it for my fitness & health friends & my closest friends & family.  You know, people who care about me & mine not the gossip part of things.  I know people have problems but I really have a problem with playing things out on Facebook, etc.  I would hope that if someone comes to my blog or Facebook page they would see I do my best to keep it positive & encouraging for you & me.  There is so much hurt & drama in the world today. 

Wow, I guess my bloggers block is over again huh? 

Just wanted to tell all my followers (seen & unseen) that I appreciate you!  I love going to the blogs of those that have them & following your journeys in whatever it is you are going through.  I love the comments you leave & hope one day more of you will leave them :) 

I love that there is a place I can share my passion of health & fitness (and other random things) and know maybe, possibly I'm helping one person consider something different.

How would you like to "downsize" your life?  Does your house drain your energy & need an overhaul?  Maybe I'll get up enough nerve to take some pictures of my "hotspots" and we can share our ideas on how to de-clutter. 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. Glad your yard sale was successful! I totally agree on the Facebook part...I need to do some "weeding out" of my own. I don't need to downsize at the moment...but a good deep cleaning (of the whole house!) is definitely in order.

  2. Oh a deep cleaning is ALWAYS in order here. Just not done regularly :) Brittany I think it's called nesting :) Love your updates!!


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