Saturday, June 9, 2012

Succumbing to Temptation

Sheesh.  It's hard, ya know?  Ok, here is the deal.  I went away for a couple days for my oldest sons summer baseball team.  They were playing a couple hours away & we needed to stay at a hotel.  No biggie.  Alot of times I stress myself out thinking about where will we eat that I will be able to get filled up on good food & not the stuff I can't or won't eat.  That just happens so much.  Anyway, the trip was going well.  I took lots of fruit, different kinds so I wouldn't get bored.  I had a couple "Kind" bars & some other nuts.  LOTS of water & knew I could splurge with coffee because I brought my soy creamer along.  Yeah, I was doing really well UNTIL........ we got back to our hotel room after a few hours out & those nice, thoughtful people brought a "Thank You" plate up.  Oh my.  It had fruit, juice, a big cookie, & 2 candy bars.  Now, the amount of times that I actually CRAVE a candy bar?  Not many to count AT ALL.  I succumbed to this craving.  I even texted my good friend AFTER I did it and confessed.  I felt horrible (physically mostly).  My body just isn't used to having to digest that stuff.  I got the point loud & clear. 

So, did I beat myself up over it?  Well, probably for about 10 minutes or so.  Then I got real.  I had a craving & it was handed to me on a platter.  Literally.  Then for dinner & went out & had a great salad & some yummy fish.  I also continued drinking LOTS and LOTS of water. 

I felt better in the morning & was happy I had a new day to start over again. 

It happens.  We are just human & crave things.  Especially when we have already had them & know what they taste like, etc.  Totally normal.

So, what are some things you just can't do without?   I know I have asked this question before but I would love to hear from you!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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