Saturday, April 27, 2013

ChaLEAN Extreme Lean Phase - DONE

Wow, this has been an AWESOME workout.  I have been playing around with doing it all over again right away. 

I combined this workout with my other Chalene fave - Turbofire.  I also joined a few of the monthly challenges others were having on Facebook & would throw a run in a few times a week.  Not a long run usually about 3 miles or so. 

The one thing I noticed is the last 2 weeks of this workout my appetite went NUTS.  I got tired of logging everything & stopped for a little bit.  With the goals I have the calories I was
taking in were making me nuts.  Even though my workouts were balancing things out the numbers get me all the time.  I will go right back to logging again Monday.  Had to set a goal :)

I am LOVING the fact that I see a lot more definition in my arms & legs.  Abs are still a work in progress but they feel great!! I am one of the believers that the abs are defined in the kitchen.  We can do a thousand crunches but truly if we are putting junk in our bodies that is one of the first places you will see it. 

Well, here are my stats.  Thanks for keeping up with me!  This has been fun.  I'm thinking I will do P90X again for my next 3 months.  I may take a week though & run to my hearts content & throw some yoga in there too.  Our bodies love the change in workouts.  Don't want to plateau!!

Drum roll please :)
Loss in phase 3: 1" and 0lbs
I did notice I messed up my addition after Phase 2 & my inches lost was actually 1" instead of 1/2"

Total weight loss with program: 3lbs
Total inches lost:4-3/4"

I love the way I feel after doing ChaLEAN Extreme.  I look forward to another round of it in a few months.  I did start P90X though on Monday.  Decided to just dive in.  I have to say I didn't expect to have the muscle soreness or have a hard time with certain exercises but I do.  I love that.  Challenges for our body are a good thing.

What are your challenges right now with staying fit & healthy?  Find one thing & set a goal to tackle it.  Don't overwhelm yourself!  I would love to hear from you!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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  1. My only challenge right now is plantar fasciitis. No high-impact workouts for me until it goes away. BOO! At least I can still do weight training. :)


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