Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Fun

Our Easter tradition starts with church in the morning.  This year I got to sing with a GREAT choir (if I get a picture I will post it).  It was just amazing to see the congregation just get into "Alive Forever Amen" with us.

Miss E with her basket of cookies & coloring books
After church we come home & enjoy some egg & basket hunting.  They know full well who hides everything & they just LOVE the hunt.  My younger son (14yr) realizes while it may be a little "young" for him he loves the perks he gets for doing it.  We hide plastic eggs & I put "coupons" in them every year.  "Ice Cream night" (we only do ice cream on Sundays), "Dinner of Your Choice", "1 Week of NO Chores" (this is the popular one), etc. 

The annual hunt for the basket :)
This year though I did something different for the baskets.  Usually I have found little things to put in the baskets that they would enjoy & add a candy bar that is their favorite or jelly beans.  Stuff like that.  As so many of us are finding, finances are a bit tight lately.  This year I made everyone their favorite kind of cookie.  It was really nice to be able to do that for them AND be able to keep it a surprise!  I even ventured into making homemade "oreo" cookies.  My daughter & I are gluten free so I was able to do something for her as well.  I had all the ingredients but a couple & in all it cost me under $10 to do the whole thing including the eggs. 

We ended our day with a GREAT dinner at my sister's house.  My nephew turned 5 on Easter this year so we got to have yummy spaghetti dinner with some delicious cake for desert!  I couldn't imagine a more special end to a very special day!!

Prince Charming FOR SURE!!

Hope your Easter was filled with fun & blessings!!!
Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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