Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Logging Your Workouts & Calories

I have mentioned this before. 

Every workout -  you should write down.  Every bite you take - you should write down. 

Something as simple as a notebook where you keep your workout equipment & another in the kitchen.  I use MyFitnessPal online.  I really like the site.  I have used a couple others & this one is my favorite.  The workout & food database is really extensive.  The only thing I don't like some times is that the workouts & calorie intake just doesn't seem to match up for me.  Um, that isn't the site's problem though (haha). 

I think a lot of frustrations for people that would like to lose a few pounds or just stay on target with what they have already lost is the fact we aren't thinking about all the calories we are taking in.  I already know my problem area of the day.  I see it in black & white every day I post in my food diary on MFP.  Now I know what I have to do. 

I like logging my workouts in most of all.  I am able to look back & see what I did the week before.  When I'm working on a specific program I log in the weights & use & the reps I do.  SO important.  That way I can make notes if I need to change the next time around.  I just can't remember those things.  Life really gets in the way.  It's great to see the changes.  When I started working out years ago 5lbs was enough for bicep curls.  Now I'm doing much more & looking for heavier weights to add to my collection!! 

Check out MyFitnessPal.  They have an app too you can use so it is so much easier to use.  If you join, look for me at Imperfectly Pamela. 

Have you ever kept track of your calorie intake and/or workouts?  What were the pros & cons for you?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!!

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