Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ChaLEAN Extreme - Lean Phase & Update

I can't believe how much I am ENJOYING this workout.  I love that she changes it up.  Starting out easy (Burn), lifting heavy (Push) then focusing on everything to get Lean. 

When I first started the Lean Phase I have to say my brain was screaming NO!!!!  She works the arms & legs at the same time & I think first thing in morning my coordination just isn't there.  This being my 2nd week I can say I'm doing much better at that & LOVING it. 

The 2nd phase "Push" she really stresses upping your weight.  "Go Heavy or Go Home".  I love that.

So in measuring this time around I didn't lose any weight but I did lose a 1/2".  Oh yes  1/2 ".  I will be happy with that.  I saw changes in the measurements.  Loss in places & slight gains in places.  It's all good.  Saw my dr yesterday for a check-up & she is really happy with what she is seeing.  That works for me!!

Looking forward to the final measurements & just seeing how this Lean Phase changes things for me.  Already looking ahead to my next step. 

What did you do for Easter?? 

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


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