Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time to get your groove on!!!

Ok, back to my favorite subject. Exercise!! Ok, please don't click out of this page!! I am very happy to admit I am addicted to exercise. Most people don't like to sweat and I feel like I'm not exercising unless I get a good, soaking sweat on. I love watching my heart rate monitor go up into my fat burning mode. Ok, really. Now I know YOU know that you should be eating well. Getting your fruits & veggies, good grains, etc, etc. Well, you should also be getting out and moving. Not your style? Make it your style! Take a walk with your honey or your children! If they are in school what better time to get to chat with them about their day. Take a bike ride or walk around the block. The time together will be awesome & you are both getting out and exercising. Want to get a little more into it? The workouts I started with (can't afford a gym membership so went the DVD route) are Leslie Sansone walking dvd's. Yes I know it seems strange to walk in your living room. I felt the same way until I started doing her workouts. I was getting up to 5 & 6 miles in my living room in a morning! She incorporates other moves as well that you can do low intensity or as high as you want. She has 1 mile and up and even has a jogging dvd. You should have seen me jogging around my living room! These are some great DVD's for those just starting OR if you want a change in the workouts you are doing now.

Stay tuned for more of my favorites!!

Be Blessed & Healthy & GET MOVING!!

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