Thursday, March 3, 2011

Canoeing the St Johns River

I'm going to venture away from my healthy food/exercise chat and tell you about an amazing trip my oldest son is taking. He and 2 friends are canoeing the St Johns River. The longest river (310 miles) in Florida & it flows north (not at a very rapid pace either). They are starting at Blue Cypress Lake in Indian River County & ending at Black Rock Beach, Jacksonville. How cool is this? What a great experience for him! This is my sons first time but his friends have done this before. The 'leader' has actually done it 3 times and he holds the record of the fastest time - 9 days.

For you moms out there, yes, I'm quite nervous for them. I know that our friend will watch over my son pretty well but there are so many things that could happen. I'm honestly just envisioning me handing A over to God and seeing him safely in Gods hands. I think that will be one of the only ways I will be able to get through the next 14 days.

They are taking lots of good for you food! (ha - just can't get away from it I guess). Nuts, dried beef, dried fruit, packaged tuna & water. I'm thinking when these guys get back they will want a shower, a comfy bed & a really good meal. I'll be ready!!

Be blessed & healthy!!

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