Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Christmas in Texas

What fun we had! 

We drive every where we go usually because flying 5 people can get expensive.  We broke up the trip going out to Texas (Houston) and that was just wonderful.  Very relaxing.  We were minus our oldest child because my sis & her hubby flew him out early to spend time with his cousin. 

The weather was COLD.  Ok, I'm a Florida girl now (for 14 years) and it was just cold there.  Overcast & rainy too.  We were able to enjoy our time anyway.  The days leading up to Christmas we were busy getting the last minute gifts & standing in line for a Honey Baked Ham.  We (my sis & I) were laughing that the 2 that don't eat meat were the ones standing in line for it.  It helped that we made a Starbucks
stop first though :) 

Christmas Eve was spent enjoying a beautiful candle light service at church.  I cry every time.  Instead of singing the usual "Silent Night" though they sang "Go Tell It On the Mountain".  It was a very beautiful service. 

Christmas morning was very easy going.  We waited for my nephews to get there from their moms house then we ripped into the gifts.  Everyone was just having a blast.  It was great to see the faces on the kids.  My little girl got her Rapunzel doll and glowed when she saw that.  Our younger son got the tool set he wanted & our oldest?  Well, he was just asking for 1 gift.  An electric guitar.  He taught himself how to play a while ago and is just awesome.  We decided to play a little game with him & my husband posted it on facebook that he was getting the guitar with a picture of it.  We thought for sure a friend would text dear son & tell him but our boy just sat there NOT checking his phone OR his facebook page.  So....we had to tell him to check his page & the look on his face was just wonderful.  He has been playing the guitar every since & is just awesome.  (I will post a song he did before Christmas with a borrowed guitar in my next post. -- Proud Mama moment)

It was so hard to leave my sis & her family.  I miss them so much.  I keep in touch with her every day thanks to the internet but it's just not the same as having her next to me to chat with & make meals with. 

On the way home we had our oldest to help us drive & we drove straight through.  17 hours later & we were able to sleep in our own beds.  Worth the long drive for sure!!

Keeping in line with my health & exercise I can honestly say we did really well with that too!  We shared workouts & kept going with them for the most part.  We ate a little too much sugar but then after Christmas made a pact that it was over & no more cookies.  What a struggle it is to get rid of the sugar cravings!!  I have to remember how much I hate this part & maybe next time I won't go for the cookies :)

Well, Enjoy the pictures.  I love hearing from you!  Thanks for checking out my blog & writing me notes!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. Thanks! I had alot. it was hard to pic :)

  2. What a great post and yes, wonderful pictures :)

  3. So neat you guys came to Houston! Sorry it was's normally really mild this time of year. Love all the pictures!!


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