Monday, January 16, 2012

Plateau & stuff

I realize it's only been a couple weeks since I have started a new workout regimen but I have to say I do believe I am seeing a difference!!  WooHoo!!  My honey also mentioned he has noticed a difference as well with my legs (what?!).  Yes, I am quite pleased.  It's rough to start a new program & go through all the new stuff & feel like nothing is changing.  I noticed my jeans are looking a bit baggy which as any woman can attest is AWESOME!   Be GONE plateau!!

I did adjust a bit of my eating as well.  I have limited the amount of sugar intake since Christmas.  Remember those cookies?  Yeah, well I have stopped that.  Even threw the rest of them out!  No way am I keeping something in the house that will make me want them & honestly during the days of no willpower they will get eaten by me!  Making good choices makes me so happy.  Some times because I have changed my food lifestyle now for so long it's hard to see that yes I'm eating healthy I just need to adjust the quantity, etc. 

I was so blessed to sit with a wonderful family from my church the other day & we just talked about the vegetarian lifestyle & food allergies, etc.  I felt like I was being asked questions not because I am some weirdo that doesn't eat meat or CAN'T have gluten & dairy but they were honestly curious about the changes that were made & how they affected me healthwise.  The mom also shared with me about accupuncture.  I have always been curious about that!!

So, I have a couple questions.  Do you ever feel like people think you are weird about the healthy lifestyle you have chosen?  Have you ever tried accupunture?    I DO want to know!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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  1. A resounding YES! I don't look all that heavy with my clothes on but frequently go through a cleansing diet. People are assuming I am doing it to lose weight when, for the most part, I am doing it to regain health and energy. Losing a few pounds is only an added bonus. I've been doing this since well before health food stores were commonplace or there was a gluten free section in the regular stores. Most people didn't have a clue.

    I simply shared with them that I like to be proactive with my health and left it at that unless they asked me further questions.

    And yes, I've done acupuncture. I didn't find it that effective but used it for migraines and still (after several thousands of dollars) struggle with them. I'd still suggest people give it a try.


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