Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sleep, Stress & Sugar

These 3 are crucial for your health.  Weight loss included if that is your goal. For me sugar goes hand in hand with stress & when I'm tired I find I "mindless eat" more than usual.  I'm happy to say that working out has become a huge help for me in regards to my stress management.  To quote one of my favorite motivational speaker/fitness leader "Whatever was bothering you before you started this workout- you won't even remember it when we are done". (Chalene Johnson)  I love that & how true it is.  Ok, I'm sure there are some things that will still be there when you are done working out but truly getting your sweat on really does help.

Another thing it helps is your sleep.  Think about it. You are working out your muscles & moving your body.  You will be more tired at night when you get ready for bed.  It just makes sense really.   Experts say we should be getting between 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  That would be lovely.  I'm a night owl and I'm trying REALLY hard to change to more of a morning person.  Oh I love that feeling of getting my workouts in before my children wake up.  Doesn't happen often though.  Escpecially since my workouts are almost 2 hours long usually.  I keep thinking I can get into bed by 10pm.  That would easily give me 8 hours!  Yeah, lots of my favorite shows come on at 10pm.  Maybe we just need to move to the central time zone?  No, not happening.  I need to become better about making myself get to bed at a better time.  It's worth it.

As for sugar.  I'm struggling with my own "addiction" to this.  I am finding I need to actually change what I'm doing during that part of the day that I tend to go for sugary/sweet stuff to get myself out of this habit of reaching for something. 

I'm still quite a work in progress ~ as we all are.  I'm hoping I can share something with you that might help you along in one way or another.  I am not a professional by any means but I think we all have something to offer others in one way or another. 

What are some ways you help the stress level in your life?  How do you make sure you are getting the sleep you need?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. These are great things to work on! I'm a night owl too...so I rarely get 7-8 hours of sleep. And the sugar thing...well we just won't even go there :). I do take long walks that help wind me down in the evening and give my husband and I a good chance to catch up. I'm definitely a work in progress!

  2. Ah long walks with the husband is a good thing :) We are all a work in progress. Love that we can share & learn together!!


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