Friday, April 27, 2012

Gardening with the Kids

Oh my what a beautiful day!!  It hit about 90 here in Central Florida & after a morning of a yucky dr appt I called my 2 youngest kids & said be ready to get in the car when I get home.  I took them over to Lowe's & let them pick out plants to put in their gardens.  My 13 yr old son took over the plot that used to be the butterfly garden.  We still have some butterfly hosts plants in there but he is choosing to put some more color in there too. 

Miss E my 6 yr old princess has a spot outside her bedroom window.  When she was just a baby I would sit at her window with her & we would look out & enjoy all the pretty things outside.  She remembers alot of it & said she can't wait to enjoy that again with all these new plants.  She also picked Spearmint & Parsley to plan since they do ok with part sun.  Her plot doesn't get alot of sun. 

Of course when they were all done we just HAD to turn the sprinklers on!  There has to be some rinsing off & watering all the new plants.  I'm sure this wasn't fun AT ALL.  Can you tell how they weren't having fun?

Last but NOT least, my son M found this little friend in his garden.  He put it in our veggie garden to help us out there. 

So, I know you know I can't let you go without a little fitness/health talk right?  Well, now.  Gardening is a GREAT way to get out there & get some physical fitness.  Get down & dirty & pull those weeds, push that wheelbarrow, shovel that dirt.  Yes, that all counts as a workout.  Now, it doesn't and shouldn't take the place of a good cardio workout but it does count. 

Tell me about your garden.  Do you have a flower or veggie or both?  We also have a great vegetable garden.  It's my husbands creation for sure.  I don't have that kind of green thumb.  I'm so proud of him.  I'll posts pictures of that next!!  You want to see a REALLY cool garden?  Check out my friends blog over at The Not So Perfect Housewife.

If you stop by let me know.  Just leave me a comment & say hi.  Thanks!!

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. How FUN! Your kids are so cute. I really wish we would start a garden...we do a lot of work in the yard but it'd be nice to grow some of our own veggies. Thanks for sharing Pamela!

  2. Thanks Brittany!! I'll post the pictures of our veggie garden. It's in pots & my hubby ROCKED it!! WE have been here for 14 yrs with sand for dirt & we are finally getting yummy veggies.

    LOVE your blog & SO happy for you and Z!!


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