Thursday, April 12, 2012

No time for exercise??

Really.  No time huh?  Ever wonder where our time goes?  We wake up in the morning & we hit the floor running.  Whether you work in the home or out of it our days are full of doing things for others more often than not.  Have you taken a moment to think of what would happen if you didn't have your health?  I believe eating right & exercising is something we all need for healthy bodies, minds & souls.  It amazes me how I feel when I don't get a workout in.  When my kids don't get outside or during a break in the sports they play, they are different.  We need that outlet. 

So, where does your time go?  Studies show you just need about 20 - 30 min of focused exercise a few days a week.  That used to seem like alot to me a while back.  Now it seems like that would be enough for a warm up!  Do you watch TV?  What about taking 30 minutes of that time to take a walk.  Wind down from your busy day or use that walking time to catch up with a loved one.  Take a walk with your spouse to connect before getting ready for the rest of the night.  Walk with your child/ren to catch up on their day.  You could even call someone that lives far away & catch up with them while you walk!  There are so many ways.  Go to the library & borrow some workout dvd's.  That is the best way to try them out without putting money out for them right away.  I have gotten some great workouts from the library that they were selling for about $1 or $2.  Both of those options cost nothing or next to nothing.  NO GYM MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. 

Don't have weights?  Get some canned food from your pantry & use them.  Save milk jugs & put sand, rocks or water in them.  Go to the thrift store & see what they might have too. 

Need a lift in the afternoon?  Don't reach for the chocolate or caffeine.  Try doing some stretching.  I love to do yoga.  The stretching is great & focusing on making sure I'm doing them correctly really helps to clear my mind.  Obviously if you have an office job you may have to close your door or find a spot you can do this without causing a scene :)  

You CAN do this.  We need to remember if we aren't healthy then we aren't any good for those that need us.  Focus on yourself a little bit every day.  You won't regret it. 

What are some ways you take to clear your mind at the end of the day?   What do you do when your energy level drops in the afternoon?

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

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