Friday, April 20, 2012

Having a BABY!!

Heehee - no I'm not.  Got your attention though didn't it?  I'm sure some people who are close to me had a start with that one :)  I have some friends & blogger friends who are pregnant now & it got me thinking about posting this.

My journey in health & fitness didn't actually get started until AFTER my 3rd child.  I had some medical issues that I realized can be handled with eating better & less of certain things and I decided to go that route. 

Anyway, I also started my fitness then as well.  I did start out slowly & with young children in the house & only one income going to a gym wasn't even an option.  I started out with Leslie Sansone's Walk the Walk.  She has ALL different levels/mileage & while it does seem strange to be walking in your house it works!  She makes it fun too. 

From there I was able to get a little higher intensity & longer workouts in.  My children are totally used to seeing me in the living room every day getting my workout in.  If I'm lucky one of them will even join me for a little bit of it.

Now on to the pregnancy thing.  Often the 1st trimester is rough.  It was for me.  I can only describe it as I felt green.  While fatigue set in as well, I felt like just going about my day was a workout enough.  Something to remember though.  Keeping your body strong & healthy is REALLY important for you and your baby.  I am not one that necessarily agrees with that "eating for two" mentality.  I think it's important to eat the calories you need for both of you but it's not double OR lots of sugar, etc. 

You can incorporate some exercise into your day too.  Take a walk with the new daddy to be & you can catch up with him about all the changes you are feeling & seeing.  He will probably really appreciate you sharing more intimate details that he wouldn't normally know about.  You can look for some workouts that are special for pregnant women.  They are out there.  Denise Austin has one.   Just Google "workouts for Pregnant woman" and you will find there are alot out there!

Drink LOTS of water.  It's not just about you anymore & your baby needs that water!!  Stay strong during your pregnancy.  Of course listen to your body.  Talk with you doctor about doing a light workout during your pregnancy.  I can tell you from experience - in 9 months when you are ready to deliver your baby you will be happy you are stronger!!  I have never heard ANYONE say - Oh I wish I hadn't begun this workout journey......

Be Blessed & Healthy!!

I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey & how you stayed healthy during it.  What did you do? 

Also, check out my sisters blog Your Successful Family.  She has some posts lately about prengancy & some things you might hear while you are pregnant.  God BLESS!!


  1. Great blog Pamela! I have known a lot of women who have used pregnancy as an excuse to stop working out and eating right. I feel like that is the worst time to get into unhealthy habits!! Unless your doctor tells you that you cannot exercise, do some walking at least! :)

  2. Oh yes. After having to work on losing weight because I was one of those women I realize how it's NOT worth it. I had more people tell me I could eat more or eat something NOT healthy because I'm eating for 2. A shame really.


  3. Lol. I was ready to say congratulations!!

    I'm return visiting from UBP.

    Life Less Brooke Would Be Ordinary

  4. Haha! Thanks Brooke! Had to make sure I told my mom to read it all the way through :)
    Thanks for stopping by again!!


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