Thursday, July 7, 2011


There are a few people I really admire. Since I'm focusing here on health/fitness it narrows my field a little :)

I truly admire people that have a dream & do what they can to really follow it. They don't let their nerves or negativity get in the way. There is one person in my life that has done this in the last couple years. She followed her desire to learn more about nutrition & took the time out of her already busy schedule to take classes in NYC one weekend per month. The thing is - she lives in Houston, TX! She continued to keep up with her regular job, her step-sons & their busy schedules & of course her loving husband who stood beside her while she followed this dream. Now she has a job that she has been at for many years & it pays the bills right now but her dream is taking being a nutrionist very seriously & wants to eventually only be doing that. She is making sure her priorities are right. She wants to bless others with her knowledge of healthy eating and speaks at womens groups at churches when she is able to.

Something else I admire is that she struggles just like all of us to make sure her family is eating properly. It's hard most times to explain that drinking that bottle of soda (that is meant for 2!) is just not healthy and there are other options. She is GREAT at finding healthy alternatives so her family AND her can eat and be happy & satisfied.

A little less than a year ago she and her family were skiing & she fell and tore her ACL & meniscus (at her knee). She had to have surgery & continues to amaze me at how well she is doing. She is a go-getter & had to depend on others to help her along through her recovery. God is good isn't He? He just guided her and gave her the patience & humility she needed/needs.

She is my accoutability partner with eating & working out. She is my sounding board with all things life related. She is one of my bestest :) friends.

Best of all -- she is my sister.

Love you Jackie!!

Go check out her website.

Be Blessed & Healthy!!


  1. I am so glad I found you from the Ultimate Blog challenge on Facebook!

  2. Love the post, your sister sounds inspiring!!!

  3. Your sister truly sounds wonderful.

  4. awww..what a great post about your sister !!! She sounds great! How lucky she is to have a sister like YOU. :D
    peace and light
    Elissa Joy

    ps I hope my kids ( I have 4 ) have a good relationship with their siblings when they are older.. just like you and your sister!

  5. Thank you all SO much! My sister and I have come a LONG way and I am so thankful for her friendship.

  6. Pam, wow, what an amazing compliment, I'm very humbled. You are a blessing not just me but, so many other lucky women. And for the record, you kick my butt DAILY at workouts. I love you, Jackie


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